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'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' (and editor) freeware has been updated up to version, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of Michael Bayley that was kind to email with a whole lot of very nice suggestions to add to this software. Thank you Michael.

First, we have the command line - that already existed but was not yet announced to the users wassat and that allows you to supply a folder and a file name for the software to start up with, like:
"path to application\Viewer.exe" "path to file\file name"

Or as in this example (note: don't forget the "commas" if any path has spaces in it, or Windows itself won't recognize it):
"C:\Viewer path\Viewer.exe" "C:\Windows\filename.bmp"

This will open the PicViewer on the folder and show the picture you want it to. smile

Another thing that was done in this version is the option to show the 'file browser' on top of the application window - as it used to stand all the time - or on the left side of the window, if you so preffer, just by changing the option in preferences. So we now have 2 designs for you, the happy user, to choose from:

top   or   left

And some other enhancements have been introduced, like a 'close' toolbar button, the toolbar now resizing properly, an option to show or hide all drives or only the hard drives in your computer, and a few other minor corrections to the source.

So, as always, download this latest version from our freeware page, together with all other freeware of mine.
03 Feb 2012 by Jose Falcao

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