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'Pic Viewer' freeware update -
'Pic Viewer' freeware utility has been updated up to version, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of Don Cohen that was kind to report that the software wouldn't work has an Windows association for any file tipes.

This was due to this freeware not being - yet - ready to accept any command lines, so it wouldn't understand that the user was sending something it's way wassat

This is now, hopefully, corrected and done with. smile

So, as always, download this last version from our FREEware page, where you can also find a lot of my freeware.
18 Nov 2011 by Jose Falcao

by Aaron @ 06 Jan 2012 11:53 pm
Hello. Thanks for creating your nice free Picture Viewer.

If I could make two suggestions for future versions: Add an "undo" option to the editor. :)

Also, perhaps speed up Jpeg decoding a little bit.

Otherwise, it's pretty nice.

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