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'Date Reminder' freeware update -
And also 'Date Reminder' freeware has also been updated to version, again after a lot of updates that were not shown here, on the blog - sorry.. wassat

Thanks to Dennis for caring to send some suggestions that were also used on the 'ToDo Reminder' freeware.

Changes on this last version are the ability to define diferent text color for each line, along with the introdution of 'categories' to help you better group the notes as per your choice. Also, copying to Clipboard is now working and this allows you to copy all data to Windows clipboard, already formated and ready to be pasted, for instance, in Excel or any other place you wish, for that matter smile

Date Reminder window can now be resized horizontaly - also requested by some users - and the software minimizes to Windows tray correctly again as it used to do in the past, before the last versions of Windows came...

This new version can be downloaded from the freeware page, were you will also find lots of other useful utilities.
27 Mar 2011 by Jose Falcao

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