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All software updated!
All the freeware has been updated again, as i got my Win7 (64bit) new computer at last smile

All software is Win7 64bit compatible now, a few changes were needed and it really took a while to do it all! Lots of time spent on all freeware, programing, but i guess you all deserve it. smile smile

If you are still using any older version of any of the freeware - you shouldn't but.. anyway - here goes the list with everything new:

• File Renamer - version
• Image Downloader - (not yet updated)
• Web Downloader - ver - see more info above..
• Wv Player - ver
• Pic Viewer - version
• ToDo Reminder - version
• Mini Calculator - version
• Porta'Menu - version
• My Agenda - ver
• File Spliter - version
• Favorite Tree - version
• Date Reminder- version
• Calendar - version
• Watch timer - version

And, as always, you can download everything - free - from the freeware webpage, so go there now and check everything out, ok? Well.. it's free anyway! wink
31 Oct 2010 by Jose Falcao

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