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FREE software? Yes, it is!
A few people wrote back asking if all my freeware was really FREE... wassat (??)

Well, it is! Why do people find it so strange for me to be giving away my own software? I know I have had a few suggestions from users saying that I should turn at least some of it to commercial software, as 'they are so good' - their words, not mine wink - but everything on the freeware has always been free and I won't change it.

At least, as long as I am able to support the expenses of maintaining it, as downloads are now well above 200 Mb per day !!

Anyway, just download everything to your hearts content and keep sending me feedback on the programs as, more than donations - although those also help a lot - your suggestions and opinions are what helps me keep motivated to further develop those utility programs making them better to everyone.
22 Jul 2007 by Jose Falcao

by Bert @ 23 Jul 2007 05:23 am
Alternatively you could stop compressing your programs with the combination UPXzip and use 7zip on the uncompressed versions. The resulting file is a bit smaller in that case. Of course the difference is not very big in absolute terms, but relatively it's not bad at all. And every kb helps... wink

answer to comment: Thanks Bert, for your suggestion, I will try 7zip, that I didn't know about - and that is also open source - during next weekend and check. In the meanwhile, and following your idea, I managed to compress the files a bit further - almost 10% - and, you are correct of course, every byte helps!!   [Jose Falcao]

by Bert @ 22 Jul 2007 12:39 pm
Just a thought.
There are many free file hosting sites. Couldn't you use (one of) those to take away the "financial pressure" caused by the amount of traffic your website generates?

And yes, your program are good. wink

answer to comment: Yes, I suppose I could do it - I used to do it a few years ago, but didn't like the 'restraints' free sites used to put into users back then, so I ended up building my own servers... And with the fast internet cable I rent now, I get 50Gb of bandwith - but that is for all the domains I keep... sad
Anyway, Bert, thanks for your good suggestion! [Jose Falcao]

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