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Terminal shortcuts...
These work in all BASH terminals, including Konsole, XTerm and gnome-terminal.

Here are the most common 'shortcuts':
  • Pressing the up, or down arrow, BASH will cycle through the list of recently used commands

  • Typing part of a command and then pressing [tab] key, BASH will finish the command name for you. If there is more then one command, all of them will be displayed on pressing [tab] a second time.

  • Typing part of a filename and then pressing [tab] key, BASH will finish the filename for you. Again, if there is more than one option, all are displayed on pressing [tab] again.

  • Press ctrl-R. A search box comes up for you to find previous commands:

  • ! commands - This will search the History and execute a command. The command will be displayed before execution.
    • !! - Execute the last command
    • !x - Execute the last command starting with x
    • !?abc - Execute last command containing abc

  • ctrl-U and ctrl-K to 'cut' from the cursor to the beginning and the end of the line respectively. This can later be pasted using ctrl-Y.

  • ctrl-D exits a terminal, same as typing 'exit'.

  • ctrl-L clears the screen, same as typing 'clear'.

  • ctrl-C breaks/cancels any ongoing operation.

  • Ctrl-S stops the ongoing operation.

  • Ctrl-Q to start (or resume, after a Ctrl-S).

Want to add some more to this? There are many more...
27 Jul 2005 by Jose Falcao

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