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Creating a simple clock with date
Well, some people asked for it, and creating a simple clock watch is very simple really, just using a few Delphi components and a few lines of code.

So, here is the code to create one yourself and also to drag it (as a borderless form) around the screen. To check and copy it, just check the 'Read More..' link bellow.

Hope you find this useful. Questions anyone? wink
24 Jul 2005 by Jose Falcao

'The Perry Bible Fellowship' comic strip site
A good comics site, 'The Perry Bible Fellowship', found while browsing some links that were sent to us... Lots of comic strips, with very diferent kind of hummor, created by a guy named Nicholas Gurewitch. Worth checking and browsing around!
10 Jul 2005 by Jose Falcao

Non related news ...
This is a place for news, discussions, comments.. about every subject that is non-related or won't fit on any other webxpace's blog categories!

This will be only maintained on a non regular basis, and everyone is free to post comments, links, opinions, about any subject that he/she feels like it.

Just hope this won't waste too much bandwidth wink

So, welcome everybody !!
08 Jun 2005 by Jose Falcao

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